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Going Beyond "The Talk!"

A Teen and Preteen's Guide:

Empowering YOU to Make Choices About Sexuality and Gender from a Biblical Sexual Ethic.

406 Page Paperback - with Workbook Included following each chapter 


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Are You Ready To Go Beyond The Talk?

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  • Equip Your Child

    Give your children the tools to navigate dating, relationships, gender and sexuality from a biblical worldview.

  • Tools & Skills

    These tools and skills will help them steward their sexuality well and intentionally.

  • Encouragement 

    Encourage them to stand up for what is right and make wise decisions.


  • Biblical Foundation

    Help them build a stable foundation with a Biblical Sexual Ethic. ​

Are You Asking Yourself these Questions?

  • How do I lead my family and have these hard conversations about sexuality with my children? 

    You can do it.  This resource is meant to be handed off to your son or daughter, for them to read, and each chapter ends with a set of discussion questions and room for them to write and think about what they believe - all focused on what God’s Word designed for us to live optimally.

  • What age is too young to begin these conversations?” 

    Most of us do not have a problem with this. We are usually too late.  So begin a few years before you think you should - preparing them - having micro-conversations - engaging in dialogue that is tough. 

  • How can I NOT have to have these hard conversations about sexuality and gender with my kids?

    You can (1) leave it up to their peers, pornography and the school system.  OR  You can (2) trust me to guide them well with a resource that is founded and guide by Scripture and intends to build up and strengthen a Biblical Sexual Ethic.  Partner with me.

If you are, it's time to get the help you deserve.

Meet The Author

Dr. Corey Gilbert is a University Professor, Licensed Professional Counselor, Executive, Marriage, and Family Life Coach, speaker and author. He is passionate about leading those he serves in making wise decisions with their sexuality. 


He works with families, marriages, teens, and especially college students, helping them develop and live by a Biblical Sexual Ethic. 


He is also passionate about exposing and addressing the trauma in our lives that prevent us from thriving in our lives. 


Dr. Gilbert has been married to his best friend for over 16 years and is an avid motorcyclist - rain or shine - and there is a lot of rain in the Pacific Northwest! 


They homeschool their three children and they are actively involved in American Heritage Girls and Boy Scouts.  

You're Getting Dr. G's Brand New Book PLUS

Everything else listed below, for free!

  • Exclusive Resources

    It will give you the resources and information you need to understand more deeply questions on gender, homosexuality, and same-sex attraction

  • Crash Course

    It includes a crash course in Sex Ed that focuses on a theology of sex, marriage, and looking at neuroscience and basic anatomy aimed at Christian 9 year olds to 15 year olds as the main audience 

  • Research & Planning

    It uses Scripture and good research to help create a plan for your preteen before he or she faces certain choices - be ahead of the curve! 

  • Personal Strategy

    It will help you develop a strategy for approaching the digital world we live in and the devices in your home . 


  • Clear Answers

    How do I date well?  What is a guide so that I can be smart? What is stewardship?  This is key! 


  • Deeper Knowledge

    Learn how to understand difficult subjects such as pornography, dating, the "M" word, and addressing past trauma.


Not Really a Reader?

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Pre-recorded Video Training

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Footnotes & Summaries

Take the cliff notes with you before you ever have "hard talks" so you'll always be prepared - for anything.


Audio Version

Listen in the car or while making dinner. You'll have the knowledge you need to help you get your child better understand sex form a biblical standpoint.

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